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Talking to kiwis about their online shopping

To understand what our shoppers are thinking and buying, we carried out a survey interview with over 2,000 Kiwi consumers to form our 2018 Online Shopper Survey. It revealed six clear trends evolving amongst shoppers.

Read about the trends, watch what shoppers had to say and tell us what you think.

1. Consumers across all age groups are buying more frequently

With 31% of online shoppers admitting to shopping at least weekly. When we look more closely at our most frequent online shoppers, they are predominantly young people who are time poor and don’t like dealing with crowds so like the ease and convenience of shopping online.

12% of total online spend

2. Mobile is becoming the device of choice

Particularly with the under 45s, who are twice as likely to use a smartphone to make their online purchases versus over 45s. However, laptops are still the main device used to purchase online. Globally, particularly in Asia, mobile has taken over from desktops and we predict the same will happen here with mobile appealing to the younger generations’ “I want it now” and “shopping on the move” mentality. To capture this group, New Zealand e-tailers need to ensure their website designs are easily navigated and formatted to mobile first. 

Smartphones were the device of choice when browsing marketplaces like facebook

3. Marketplaces have become a real option

Forty-nine per cent of surveyed shoppers saying they had purchased from a New Zealand marketplace in the previous three months, with as many saying they had purchased from an international marketplace in the same period. This is reflected in the rise of international platforms like Facebook Marketplace and ASOS Marketplace who offer the ability to shop for multiple product ranges and brands within one site. Because marketplaces aggregate products from a wide array of providers, selection can be wider, and availability higher than in vendor-specific online retail stores. Prices can also be more competitive. As well as our largest marketplace Trade Me, new Kiwi start-ups such as Designer Wardrobe, AllGoods and Felt all provide modern and innovative online marketplaces.

Smart phone

Regular online shoppers in New Zealand are most likely to:

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4. Specific online events are becoming more important

When asked, 35% of online shoppers admitted to being converts to occasions like Black Friday and Cyber Monday. These events are pulling the traditional Christmas shopping earlier, but the good news is, consumers say they want to support local retailers more during this time. Shoppers also say that are likely to purchase even more in 2020.

35% of online shoppers surveyed are converts to online shopping events

5. Price and range are still the biggest challenges

The growing support for homegrown businesses is tempered by the largest challenge for New Zealand retailers: the price and range perception versus overseas retailers. International websites are still seen as an attractive option with over 76% of shoppers citing the goods are cheaper, and 73% believing the range is better. However, consumers tell us they are prepared to make trade-offs on price for fast delivery, great local support, trustworthiness and easy returns. The more New Zealand businesses can tick those boxes, the better.

If you can offer a range of delivery options, you’ll have 
a winning formula.

6. Consumers expect to pay for delivery

Consumers are quick to calculate the value of fast delivery time versus the product cost, and if global trends are anything to go by, shoppers will continue to want their items quicker and are prepared to pay for that luxury. There’s also an emerging need for more notifications and greater transparency. Shoppers are telling us they want to see a range of delivery options upfront. Transparency is key here if you want to avoid scaring shoppers away at check out.



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