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One of the big changes Mighty Ape saw in 2018 was the move to mobile. The big change here is not simply people switching from home computers to tablets and mobiles, it’s that their customers are now buying whenever and wherever they happen to be.

This change creates its own logistical challenges as Mighty Ape’s General Manager, Alastair Burns, explains: “Speed to customer is important because they’re out and about and expecting to get things now. So, offering evening delivery, offering same day delivery is really important to our customers.”

Mighty Ape saw strong online growth both in New Zealand and Australia in 2018, even with the arrival of Amazon. Core to their success is their speed of delivery.

Aastair Burns

“Shoppers care most about having quick delivery options. It’s about having not just an overnight service, not just an economy service, but offering that same day service. We are capable of offering same day from Auckland, all the way down to Wellington and Christchurch,” says Alastair.

This service wouldn’t have been possible without partnering with and challenging New Zealand Post to create new freight options and solutions that weren’t available off the shelf. This has been instrumental in assisting Mighty Ape getting as many of their orders to customers as fast as possible. It’s even worked across the Tasman, as Alastair explains:

“Since moving to New Zealand Post for our Australia freight, we’ve noticed excellent feedback from our customers. They can’t believe that we are a New Zealand company delivering to them faster than they can get it locally”.

This need for speed is crucial to the future of business success, along with great customer service. Finally, Alastair has a mighty tip for any online business:

“Focus on the customers – they’re the ones you need to please. Make sure you deliver as quickly as possible and if anything goes wrong, fix it.”

Mighty Ape Company Profile

Mighty Ape was one of New Zealand’s first retailers to step into the online world in the late ‘90’s. Having started out as a bricks and mortar GameZone store, the company changed direction and its name to Mighty Ape in 2008 and has never looked back.

Today they employ over 120 staff and ship products to over 250,000 Kiwis every year. They still sell games but now their list of products is a true variety store with books, DVDs, hobby equipment – even clothing and perfumes. They fulfil hundreds of thousands of orders a month – offering Kiwis as many product ranges and brands as they possibly can.

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