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A start-up that's ready to scale up

Case Study

Auckland start-up Feed My Furbaby, quickly understood that one of the greatest challenges for their pet food subscription service was setting up their business to be scalable for growth from the outset. 

Amy Rennell, owner and co-founder of Feed My Furbaby, explains: “You don’t want to start small and then chase your tail the whole time with your systems and processes and constantly have to keep investing, you’ll never get ahead.”

So Amy and husband Ben Rennell set about getting everything in place from the start. From branding, to website, to the whole customer journey and fulfilment.

“One of the challenges of our business actually is that it’s quite complex having that tailored subscription service, but we’ve got to make that look really easy for each individual customer. We invested a lot of time up front to make sure everything was slick from the front for the consumer and the backend for the fulfilment process,” says Ben.

Amy and Ben Rennell

As you’d expect, when you are in the business of feeding animals, delivery is critical. If you don’t deliver on time, there’s a very hungry pet and pretty angry customer. So, reliable overnight delivery is really important for Feed My Furbaby.

But they were also quick to recognise that customers want to be in control of their subscriptions and deliveries. Giving them the option to change delivery schedules puts the power back in the customer’s hand.

Like many New Zealand e-tailers, they use the New Zealand Post Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to help automate their order taking and processing as much as possible. Ben Rennell with the final word:

“We couldn’t do what we do without the APIs. You literally click a couple of buttons and all our tickets are printed out and tracking numbers are sent to customers, so they are in control of their parcel. New Zealand Post was a huge help in terms of helping us integrate it into our systems; they have completely enabled our business to happen.”

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Husband and wife team Ben and Amy Rennell had a ‘light bulb’ moment after lugging heavy dog food bags back from the supermarket. With help from Kickstarter, they launched the Feed My Furbaby pet food subscription service in November 2017. The idea has taken off with double digit percentage growth each month and continues to gather momentum with more and more pet owners subscribing to the service nationwide.

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