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We hope by reading this review you’ll appreciate just how seriously we take eCommerce. This annual The Full Download extends our knowledge base and creates valuable insights for our online customers. This knowledge also helps us to tailor our products and services and inspires new innovations to better service the online shopping market.

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Here’s how our expertise can help you

As you’d expect, we have New Zealand’s largest logistics and delivery network, it is also New Zealand’s most reliable overnight delivery network. We deliver to our service standards an industry leading 98%* of the time. Now that’s delivery you can count on.

We ensure our performance is consistent throughout the year and carefully plan and allocate resource at the peak online shopping period to ensure that we maintain our service standards when you are at your busiest.

New Zealand Post can deliver to more New Zealand addresses than any other logistics company, including rural addresses, Private Bags and P.O. Boxes. Reaching more places is a positive thing for you and your customers.

When it comes to delivering internationally, we have a range of commercial and postal options to get your parcels wherever they need to go, all using the same online labelling tool and courier pick up as your domestic parcels.

And why is all this important to you? Well, because delivery plays such a big part in how customers see you. When they have a good delivery experience if reflects well on you and they come back for more. We know doing our job consistently to the highest standards allows your business to grow. That’s good for you and good for us – and that’s what being partners is truly all about.

Source: * Competitor courier delivery performance test report, KANTAR, December 2020

More delivery options

Customers want delivery choices so that they can control how and how fast it gets to them. With a different range of delivery speeds – we have lots of choices to offer your customers. And we’re always adding new, and refining existing, options based on feedback from our retailers and their shoppers.

Offering flexibility and transparency at checkout has a large impact on your conversion to sales and that’s why we offer a range of domestic delivery options that give your customers a market leading eCommerce experience.

With our overnight courier service, we can deliver anywhere in the country overnight, (though rural delivery may take a little longer). We also offer a 2-3 day Economy Courier service between islands, for those customers who are happy to wait longer if they can pay less. In addition, we have numerous value-added services for courier delivery options such as obtaining a signature, delivering dangerous goods, Saturday and age-restricted deliveries.

If you want to offer your customers an even faster service, our priority & express services could be the best option to get your items across town within hours, or between cities the same day.

This year, following many discussions with retailers and online shoppers, we introduced Express Tonight. This great new service allows you to get products to your customers that very same evening, between 6-9pm on weekdays (when ordered before 3pm). This is now available in and between Auckland, Hamilton, Wellington and Christchurch, allowing you to make delivery a key differentiator from your competitors.

Parcel Tracking & Notifications

At New Zealand Post, we offer a Parcel Notification service to all customers who are using any one of our online ticketing solutions when sending domestically. This lets customers follow the progress of their parcel delivery. This visibility helps to improve customer satisfaction and removes the need to call or email you to find out where things are at.

With SMS and Email notifications available, it’s easy to connect directly with customers. We can send notifications when your item is picked up, with the courier for delivery, when it has been delivered and when an attempted delivery has been made.

Customers can interact with certain messages, giving them options to have their parcels left in a secure location. This avoids redelivery and makes for happier customers.

And with our express courier services, your customers can track their parcel’s journey in real-time on our live map, and receive instant pickup and delivery notifications, via email or text. This includes estimated time of arrival and live GPS tracking so they can see where the driver is when they’re on their way. More visibility and control leads to better delivery experiences for customers and that reflects well on you.

    Delivering to your customers the way that they want

    Our mobile generation isn’t just shopping from anywhere – they expect to get their goods from almost anywhere. That’s why New Zealand Post has a range of delivery options for customers to choose from.

    • With Parcel Leave, customers can specify a safe place to leave a signature required item, so that they do not have to be home to receive the parcel.
    • With Parcel Redirect, your customer can have their parcel redirected within 75km of the original delivery address for no additional charge.
    • With Parcel Collect, customers can have their item delivered to one of the 330+ Parcel Collect locations around the country. These options include Z stations, Countdown stores and PostShops nationwide. You can make these options available to your customers through your shopping cart with New Zealand Post’s APIs.

    Easy returns solutions

    Shoppers are increasingly expecting a returns service as standard. So, having a good returns policy and an easy to use returns solution reduces the barrier to purchase and builds trust and customer satisfaction. By including a fully tracked returns label in your parcels, you are giving your customer the reassurance that they can return the item if it’s not suitable, removing risk from the purchase.

    We offer two returns solutions:

    • Tracked returns: The customer simply drops their returns off at a PostShop, within two to three days we consolidate and return them to you all at once. A cost-effective and convenient option for non-urgent items.
    • Couriered returns: Send your customer a label which they can print off and apply to their parcel. Their item is then picked up by a courier and returned to you as a standard courier parcel.

    We also offer a returns service from Australia.

    Sustainable packaging and carbon neutral

    We know more and more online shoppers are looking for the retailers they buy from to be sustainable in their practices.

    We’re currently rolling out a range of plastic courier bags which are made of 80% recycled plastic. This range is recyclable, via soft plastic collection schemes, meaning your customers can drop them into any Love NZ soft plastics recycling bin at supermarkets and other participating stores.

    We also have a great range of environmentally friendly boxes, made from 100% recycled content that are also 100% recyclable.

    We are committed to using 100% reusable, recyclable or compostable packaging by 2025 or earlier if possible. We’ll be constantly evolving our packaging solutions to meet this commitment and to help you deliver the solutions your customers want.

    Is international on your radar?

    An increasing number of Kiwi retailers, small and large, are discovering that selling to customers offshore is much easier than they thought. While sales into Australia and the Pacific are common, New Zealand online businesses are finding customers in the growing markets of Asia, America and Europe.

    To help your business expand and reach new customers, we have solutions for sending parcels overseas with a range of prices and speeds to match your customers’ needs. Our team of international experts can make sending globally as seamless as sending locally.

    We deliver to over 150 countries around the world with a tiered range of solutions through both the postal and commercial networks, depending on the speed, the tracking and the experience you want to provide.

    With our online tools, you can use the same solution as your domestic parcels, streamlining your operations and ensuring you only need to have one carrier do your domestic and international parcel pick-ups.

    Digital solutions to simplify your logistics

    The more your business grows, the more you will need technology to help manage your deliveries efficiently, reliably and economically. We offer world-class digital solutions to help you automate and simplify your delivery process.

    For a small business that is just starting up, a New Zealand Post online self-service account allows you to send parcels from anywhere and pay as you send with a credit or debit card. eShip is our cloud-based application that works with popular local and international eCommerce and customer management platforms. eShip prints packing slips, consignment notes, invoices and parcel labels.

    Our Shipping APIs let your developer customise our shipping functionality into your software quickly and easily. You can create labels, track parcels, validate addresses and retrieve shipping options, all without leaving your usual software interface.

    If you’re a Shopify user, check out our Addressing plugin that can streamline your customers’ checkout experience by choosing a valid New Zealand address from the drop-down list.