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Who’s buying online?

Unlike traditional bricks and mortar store purchases, every online purchase helps build an accurate customer picture: their age, gender, preferences and their location. When combined with payment data, an even clearer understanding of your customer emerges – helping you tailor your marketing and your eCommerce platform for greater success.

Overall, the growth in online shopping in 2018 was largely driven by existing shoppers increasing their shopping frequency and their basket size. The average online spend per customer is now an incredible $2,228. Some 44% of online shoppers are now shopping online regularly (more than 12 times a year). These shoppers contribute 85% of the spend; however, their average basket size is 5% lower than non-regular shoppers. Amongst those who are shopping online, the top 9% of the shoppers are contributing an astonishing 41% of spend. These top shoppers make an average of 86 purchases per year, and spend $8,895 a year. This is an incredibly rich vein for New Zealand e-tailers to tap into.

It’s in the under 30s where we are seeing the most growth, with 40% of this age group now shopping online – up from 27% in 2017. Once again, the rising popularity in Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) amongst young females appears to be a big factor behind this growth.

In our rural communities, young women are also some of the highest users of online shopping with penetration at 66% in the 30 to 45 age group. The lack of proximity to a good selection of stores means they are hungry for choice and lower prices. 

While the under 30s were the standout shoppers in terms of growth, let’s not forget the real money is still held by the 30-60 age group. They continue to dominate the online shopper base with the 30-44 age group having the highest penetration of online shoppers at 58% while the 45-59 age group has the highest value basket size at $117.

Of online shoppers shop online regularly
Of under 30s shop online
Young rural women (30-45) shop online

Profiles of New Zealand's online shoppers by age group

Under 30s


30 to 44 year olds


45 to 59 year olds


60 to 74 year olds


75 plus

* Shopped online at least once a month.



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