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Snapshot of eCommerce in New Zealand

Online domestic spend growth outstripped international spend growth. Whether it was a weaker Kiwi dollar or a sign that local retailers were improving their online game, New Zealand’s domestic online spend grew at a promising 19% in 2018. This outstripped spend growth with international based retailers which slowed to 10% in 2018 from an impressive 23% in 2017.

To put this into context, the total retail spend in New Zealand grew by only 3% – whereas total online spend grew by 16%. In 2017 international transactions grew by 37% and then in 2018 they only grew by 6% – a notable slowing in growth for international. The number of domestic transactions, on the other hand, grew by a very healthy 16%.

Another encouraging sign in 2018 was the domestic basket size, which grew from $115 in 2017 to $118, trumping the international basket by a whopping $42. 

Other economic factors came into play in 2018, particularly the Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) trend which is encouraging an avid shopping culture – particularly amongst younger shoppers.

Fashion iconFurniture iconFood Beverage icon

Clothing and Footwear, Homewares &

Electronics and Food, Groceries & Liquor

were the fastest growing sectors

Key highlights of the year:

Total Online Spend Grew By
Bricks and mortar spend growth was
Domestic online spend grew by
International online spend grew by
Kiwis shopped

MORE IN 2018 (22 TIMES VS 20 TIMES IN 2017).
Domestic transactions grew by
While international grew by 6%
Department and Variety outperformed any other sector and accounts for
of all online spend
Regular shoppers are shopping more and accounted for
of spend and transactions
In clothing & footwear, more than

of spend was with domestic retailers - a reversal of 2017


Domestic online spend grew
twice as much as international spend

Did you know
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Did You Know?

The five key reasons shoppers go online rather than buying at physical stores:

  • Easier/convenient to search and buy
  • Cheaper than in store
  • More choice
  • Easy to compare prices
  • Don’t like shopping in stores/malls

Source: NZ Online Shopper Survey 2018

Note: Total online spend in 2018 was $4.164b, representing a +16% increase

Note: Total online transactions grew in 2018 by +12% compared to 2017

Note: Transactions per shopper grew by +10% in 2018

Note: The average basket size grew by +4% in 2018

Note: Overall spend per shopper was up +14% in 2018


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