Your business is performing well and now your focus is on making incremental improvements to deliver better experiences for your customers and better business outcomes for you.

Tip #1

Regularly review website data to understand user behaviour and learn what is posing challenges for customers. Continually make meaningful improvements to your site.

Tip #2

Establish a customer feedback loop, such as Net Promoter Score, to evaluate customer satisfaction levels and make improvements accordingly.

Tip #3

Consider adopting AI technology such as a chatbot to help scale your service capabilities.


Tip #4

Streamline operations to pick and ship items same day or overnight to ensure customers receive a great experience that differentiates you from competitors.




Tip #5

During the busiest times of the year, work with your delivery partner to ensure you are able to optimise the delivery experience for your customers.

Tip #6

Consider outsourced fulfilment options that can take care of many of your time-consuming backroom tasks, allowing you to focus more on customers and growing the business. 

Our expert encourages...

Retailers to understand their website traffic. Watch the video to see what other good advice our expert has to offer you.




Tip #7

Allow customers to shop the way they want. The majority of products are now researched online before being purchased either online or in store. Give customers choices about how they receive their items. Click and Collect can drive increased foot traffic and lead to incremental purchases when customers are in store. 

Tip #8

Leverage product identification standards like GS1 barcodes to identify, capture and share product information. This enables richer product experiences online and real time inventory management across channels and will allow customers to understand where items are in stock if they want them now.

Tip #9

Introduce customer notifications to the shipping experience to make material improvements to customer satisfaction and first-time delivery rates. Achieve this by capturing all the necessary data at checkout.

Tip #10

Your customers are on social media platforms like Instagram all the time, why not allow them to shop on there, too? 

Tip #11

Always keep the customer experience at the heart of your decision making and listen to your customers’ feedback about how they want to shop with you, what their pain points are and what other products they want to see from you.


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