So, your business is under way and things are ticking along nicely. The challenge now is to grow your business to that next level and that means finding new customers by promoting your website and encouraging people to visit.

Tip #1

Utilise marketplaces to gain exposure in a bigger consumer pool and use this to drive customers to your website. For example, promote selected products via Trade Me and encourage purchasers to see a full range of products on your site.

Tip #2

Make sure that you build a community that has an interest or passion in your area. Engage with them to contribute content, which they will share with others in the community.

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Tip #3

Maximise your marketing budget with digital marketing to re-target customers who have visited or purchased from your site through Search Engine Marketing or social media to drive repeat visits.

Tip #4

Use social media to promote and sell your products. There are a number of ways to do this – from creating specific adverts to boosting posts to a wider audience. Most social media platforms are easy to use and have many ways to target your messages.

Tip #5

Encourage (and make it easy for) your existing customers to share your site with their friends and family. It’s likely they know others who will also like what you offer. Consider incentivising your existing customers to promote your store to their friends, family and extended networks. This can be done by offering discounts, free products or other benefits for introducing others.

Tip #6

Consider adding customer reviews and endorsements – they are very influential on customers who are unsure or are trying a new product for the first time. They are also a great way to gain customer feedback to make business improvements. 

Our expert suggests...

Videos and reviews to attract customers. Watch the video to see what other good advice our expert has to offer you. 

Tip #7

Many businesses promote specific products at low prices as a way to encourage customers to come to their store. It’s a proven strategy that works well both online and offline. Use ‘time-limited’ or ‘stock limited’ to drive urgency.

Tip #8

Establish your marketing and sales funnel and define your activities and measures that take buyers through the awareness, consideration and decision stages.

Tip #9

Attending trade shows and events is a good way to grow your customer base and to stay relevant and connected with your customers. For an online only business, that face to face contact is even more valuable.

Tip #10

And of course, there are numerous online advertising options from social media to digital ads and videos that can drive traffic and engagement. 


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