So you’ve got an amazing product or service you want to take to the world. While all the usual online challenges apply, there are details you need to consider when going offshore if you are to make the most of the enormous opportunities available.

Tip #1

Marketplaces are a great way to break into an international market with relatively low upfront cost. They let you assess demand for your product, local pricing and to refine your sales approach before making a more significant investment in that market.

Tip #2

Consider the markets you want to enter, the competition your products may face and how you can successfully differentiate your product. Allow for potential tariffs and duties and build these into your pricing strategy.

Tip #3

Understand any cultural barriers as to how you show and promote products and the type of language you use. Customers like to see themselves in your site, so ensure yours reflects an appropriate cultural diversity.

Tip #4

Shoppers feel more comfortable working in their own language and currency so you should offer options on your website if possible. However, to keep things simple, you may need to be selective, working in just a few main languages and currencies.

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Tip #5

New Zealand has a global reputation for clean green, safe, natural, quality and good service. If your product is New Zealand specific, look to leverage these positive attributes to attract customers.

For ideas, tools and support, visit to make the most of being a Kiwi business on the global stage.

Tip #6

Given your location, delivery time and costs will be a big part of a shopper’s decision making and experience. Be upfront with the costs and timeframes and offer a range of shipment options, an easy returns policy and easy tracking.

Tip #7

With offices in New Zealand, Singapore and Australia, partnering with a reputable company like New Zealand Post gives you access to a global network of specialists who can advise on the best options available to you for tracking, transparency and creating the best customer experience.

Tip #8

Use an online shipping tool such as New Zealand Post’s eShip – which will allow you to use the same system for both domestic and international parcels, for streamlining operations.

eShip on mobile

Tip #9

Local promotions become important for building a customer base in a cost-effective way. Use localised social media and Search Engine Marketing techniques that are highly targeted to specific groups within the markets you want to attract. Use digital marketing to scale into target geographies.

Tip #10

Word of mouth is still one of the best forms of advertising. Encourage (and possibly reward) your international customers for sharing your site and social pages and for introducing new customers.

Tip #11

Keep across major international regulations like General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which defines how you can manage and use EU customer data.


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