Five things every business needs to succeed at eCommerce

1. Adopt a mindset of the modern consumer

The digital generation doesn’t just discover your site and press the ‘buy now’ button instantly. They’ve gone through a convoluted process that’s involved discovery, research, peer reviews, price scrutiny, receiving recommendations and comparing products. The more you understand that process, the more you can influence it and ensure your products are where they are looking. According to BigCommerce,1 nearly 48% of customer journeys begin at eCommerce marketplaces like eBay or Amazon. So, engaging customers early in those environments with their built-in ad platforms would seem a smart media strategy.

2. Test. Test. And test again.

Online shoppers are unforgiving. If your much-heralded online site doesn’t work, they’ll let you know by not coming back. This applies for changes to existing sites as much to start-ups. Make sure everything works smoothly, easily, and professionally before launching and never stop improving. Think mobile first in your design process as more consumers are shopping on a mobile device than desktop.2 And remember, consumers are making a leap of faith when buying online, anything that raises questions about the security, or the robustness or genuineness of your online site, is likely to put buyers off.

3. We buy with our eyes

Kiwi shoppers continue to tell us that range, trends and photography are the key influencers in their buying decisions. If you have a small range, bulk up the colour or size options to appear to offer more. Invest in good, clean photography. In fashion, the customer is buying the clothes not the model, so make sure you show the detail in your product.

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4. Many ways to pay

Pick up on the trends. Young female shoppers are spending more and more using a Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) option. Offering a spread of payments is one way Kiwi retailers can fight the price advantage held by overseas online stores. If your store is targeting New Zealand’s growing Asian population, consider adding familiar payment options like Alipay or UnionPay to your site.

5. Fast shipping

We may not always be able to fight international e-tailers on price, but we can win Kiwi shoppers’ hearts through great delivery. By offering same day or next day delivery, we can sway more and more shoppers to back homegrown businesses. The desire is there, we just need to out deliver across aspects of the parcel service. From easy tracking and notifications to offering options of where and how your customers would like their goods delivered. Great delivery experiences ensure return visits and help build brand loyalty.

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2. Source: NZ Online Shopper Survey 2018

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