In the 2021 Edition

Following a massive year, where COVID-19 changed online shopping forever, we explore all the key data trends to reveal who was buying what, when, where and how often. We supplement this with shopper and retailer insights, a closer look at super shoppers, a deeper dive into the different sectors, a retailer case study, expert opinions and a number of tips and tools to help you grow your online business.


The Facts

Online shopping spend was up a massive 25%. See what was driving this growth. More shoppers? Shopping more often? Spending more each time? 

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Super Shoppers

10% of online shoppers make up 42% of the online spend. Understanding who they are, and what they’re buying, is the start of attracting them to your business. 

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Retailer Insights

See how retailers perceived the opportunities and challenges of 2020 and what they are expecting in the year ahead.


Shopper Insights

Did shoppers' habits change permanently or temporarily in response to COVID?  What do they want online retailers to focus on in the year ahead?

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Expert Opinion & Case Study

Digital Boost tells us about digital adaption and the value it can deliver to Kiwi retailers. OfficeMax made the move from physical to online in 2020 and share their learnings.


Tools to grow your business

Whether you’re just starting or have a fully developed online business, we offer a series of tips and tools to help you keep growing.

The sectors

While online shopping grew as a whole, not all sectors benefitted equally. This year we dive deeper into each sector, exploring the key trends, shopper profiles and the sub-categories driving that sector's performance.

Department, Variety & Misc Retail Stores
Specialty Food, Groceries & Liquor
Clothing & Footwear
Health & Beauty
Homeware, Appliances & Electronics
Recreation, Entertainment, Books & Stationery